Through scenario analysis utilizing globally accepted climate modeling1, publicly available customer plans and outlook, and current energy projections2, it is clear that the world’s need for hydrocarbon energy and feedstocks will continue to increase for years to come based on current policies and emissions reduction commitments. In alignment with many of our customers, our strategy in regard to climate is to minimize and eliminate the GHG emissions from our business by:

Utilizing and investing in all available proven technologies to improve the operating efficiency of our drilling rigs, and

Leveraging our expertise and high-spec drilling rig fleet for lower-emission energy opportunities such as geothermal, CO2 storage, and natural gas storage drilling.

We also continue to explore lower GHG energy sources for our drilling rigs, support facilities, offices, and equipment. We strive to be the lowest GHG emitting land drilling rig provider for all drilling applications.

1: IPCC AR6 Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change

2: IEA World Energy Outlook 2022