• Integrated Open-pit Downhole Drill Rig
  • Integrated Open-pit Downhole Drill Rig

Integrated Open-pit Downhole Drill Rig

This integrated open-pit downhole drill rig consists of downhole drilling system and screw air compression system. It is applied to drill the blast hole and pre-splitting hole in open-pit mine and rock excavation engineering through vertical, inclined and horizontal direction. Besides, it is equipped with efficient dust-precipitating system.
  • Integrated Open-pit Downhole Drill Rig
Product Features

  1. It is equipped with Yuchai brand water cooled booster engine with low fuel consumption. Rational layout makes it easily to be maintained.
  2. It is equipped with advanced turning gear with several advantages such as max torque, high rotation speed, multi-switching and wie coverage area.
  3. It is equipped with high-end dust removal and filtration system with advantages such as high air flow and 8 sets of filter system, which makes it meet environmental requirements.
  4. It is equipped with intelligent instrument system to monitor data in real time and conduct fault diagnosis as well as alarm.

Technical Specifications

Supporting power
Yuchai Brand Engine 
Rated Power
78/110 kW
Drilling diameter
90-120 mm
Depth of economical drilling
30 m
Drilling rod
6+1,Φ64 mm x 3000 mm / Φ64 mm x 2000 mm
Inches/DTH hammer
Working Pressure
1.5 Mpa
Air consumption
12 m3/min
Rotary torque(Max.)
1650 N.m
Rotary speed
0-150 r/min
Method of Feed 
oil cylinder + roller chain
Travelling speed
0~2.5 km/h
Climbing capacity
25 °
Ground clearance
340 mm
Weight of complete machine
6880 kg
Outer dimensions/(LxWxH) 
6100 x 2300 x 2600 mm
Drilling hardness
Volume of diesel oil tank
230 L
Method of dust collecting
8-core dry dust collector
Rated discharge capacity
12 m³/min
Rated discharge pressure
15 bar
No. of compression stage
First Grade